​Clubhouse Individual Program (CHIP)​​

One-on-One Tutoring​

Open to all readers grades one - nine. CHIP tutors are College of Education students who are paid through a generous grant from the Marathon LPGA Classic.

The CHIP program offers sessions twice per year:​

  • September - December
  • February - April​

Fall Registration

Due to the pandemic, all tutoring through the Clubho​use Reading Center will be done virtually.  CHIP tutoring will begin the week of September 21 and end the week of December 1, 2020.  No tutoring will be held on Thanksgiving.


Tutoring sessions will be 45 minutes long on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 5:00​ or 6:00 p.m.  Times can be changed, if agreed upon by both the tutor and the parents.  Parents must guarantee that a stable internet connection and computer is available for tutoring and that they will commit to the same day and time for all sessions.  If an emergency arises, we ask that the parent contact the tutor to arrange for another session for that week.  


I can guarantee that your child will have a positive learning experience through the CHIP Program even though this will be virtual!  These tutors are creative and quite fun and their tutoring will be based on your child's reading skills and needs.


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Allison L. Baer, Director at [email protected].​​