​​​Welcome to Wellness & Health Promotion ​

Welcome to the University of Findlay and the Wellness and Health Promotion Program. As program director, I invite you to visit our campus, participate in a class and discuss options available for your future career in health, wellness and related fields.

Wellness and health promotion is an interdisciplinary area of study dedicated to preparing highly skilled and well-equipped students for entry into graduate study programs or professional practice. Students in our program will assist persons in developing a self-responsibility for their health, wellness, implementing health assessments and wellness programs during internships in clinical, commercial and workplace settings. The University is equipped with outstanding facilities to provide opportunities for innovative, age-appropriate knowledge and skills at a time when wellness-related issues are receiving timely attention in America’s schools.

Education will also be necessary to teach employees the relationship between activity, diet and health and to demonstrate how this can be changed to encourage physical wellness. Health promotion and wellness program supervision will be necessary to ensure that injury does not develop and exercise programs are introduced safely.

Best wishes as you continue your educational future. Come visit us soon!


Tina M. Fournier
Instructor of Teaching in Health and Physical Education & the Director of the Health and Physical Education & Wellness and Health​ Promotion Program