​​Community Outreach

​Areas of Outreach

Hancock County Justice  Center (HCJC)​ – The HCJC incorporates occupational therapy as part of their overall treatment program. Fieldwork students from the OT Program work under the supervision of Miranda Tippie. Within the justice center, groups for both male and female inmates are conducted based on five modules that focus on interpersonal communication, employment, financial management, leisure, and resource/support in an effort to better equip inmates for successful reintegration into the community. Individual treatments are provided when appropriate. In collaboration with OT faculty ongoing research is being conducted regarding the efficacy or OT intervention in this setting.

Adult Probation – Adult Probation was added to the OT Program’s fieldwork community rotations in 2013 and this venue provides a supportive environment for occupational therapy to work with probation officers, forensic team members, and community partners such as Ohio Means Jobs. Level II students working in this setting provide treatment for a caseload of individuals on a 1:1 basis to meet their client-centered and occupation-based needs.  Participation in occupational therapy is often mandated by the court as part of the conditions of release.

Century Health– Century Health is a community agency working with individuals who have mental illness or substance abuse diagnoses. This public agency has endorsed occupational therapy community fieldwork rotations since 2005 and opportunities for OT involvement in this venue continue to expand. Level II students get the opportunity to work at the North Campus with the case management team and other agency providers. Clients are seen in their homes, group homes, out in the community and at the office to provide 1:1 or group treatments that are client-centered and occupation-based. Occupational therapy evaluations are executed utilizing an Occupational Profile, the Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS), Independent Living Scales (ILS) along with other assessments to address the needs of the clients served.

In addition, the South Campus leg of Century Health has incorporated OT fieldwork and related services since 2013 , where Level I and II fieldwork students work with a team of therapists, counselors, and case managers provide treatment intervention for the pediatric population from the Hancock County area. Students work with clients on their sensory issues, fine and gross motor coordination and any additional concerns the child or families may have.  In 2014 a partnership was formed with Children Protective Services to work with families on re-unification and building skills to keep children in their home in a safe environment.

In 2015 Tree Line, a residential treatment center for substance abuse clients, opened. Students will provide an evaluation inclusive of home assessments and also provide 1:1 and group intervention and follow through with clients once they are released from the facility. The opportunities to design and develop innovative programming are many in this new venue.

Family Resource Center – The Family Resource Center of Hancock County is an agency that provides services for the pediatric population. Level I and II students work with a team of counselors, case managers and prevention staff to meet the behavioral needs of the children of Hancock County.  Sensory issues, fine and gross motor coordination, play, social skills, and other needs of the child and family are addressed. Children are seen at the agency, in their homes, at schools, and in the community to address their goals most effectively.