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Complete the form below to apply for graduate assistantship funding. 


Use the following resources to assist your application process:

Application Template: There is no way to start the application and save, the committee recommends gathering all information using the template provided here and then​ transferring it into the online form.

Application Process: Review this to understand how the graduate assistantship process and committee works.

Graduate Assistantship Application Tips: Use this presentation to review tips on each rubric category from the committee.

Application Rubric: Use this to review and understand the application rubric aligned with Department of Labor job definitions used to assess each application by the committee.

Please note that a response is required for all fields in the application below, each text box is limited to 500 words (approx. 3000 characters). The end of position evaluation is the only attachment required to complete the application. NO OTHER documents will be reviewed as part of the application. All information must be present in the the fields below as indicated.