Symposium for Scholarship and Creativity Committee

Committee Chair

Dr. Darin Fields, Vice President for Academic Affairs, [email protected]

College Representatives:

  • COB: Jeremy Cripps
  • COE: Allison Baer; Mary Heather Munger
  • COHP: Robin Walters-Powell
  • CAHSS​: Meriah Sage; Jack Taylor

  • CPHM: Chandra Sekar

  • COS: Helen Schneider

Additional Members:

  • Kevin Collert

  • Cynthia Hill

  • Rebecca Quintus

  • Renee Schafer

  • Mariah Schroeder

Campus support:

  • Bev Roth [Facilities Scheduling and Events]
  • Tony Wenzinger [Print Shop]
  • Jay Canterbury [Bookstore]